Nurture Their Future

Nurture Their Future

Through Project-Based Learning

Our school community at VIS understands that our world has increasingly become ever-connected and is growing at great velocity. A global society is in need of quick creative thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators. Project-Based Learning is a popular pedagogy known to prepare students for the challenges awaiting them in the real world.

At VIS, our educational program is committed to fostering a 21st century, future-focused methodology of teaching and learning. Educational research continually shows that Project-Based Learning develops students who are better analyzers, builders, presenters, thinkers, and more creative than their standardized testing-focused counterparts. Project-Based Learning developed students to have future-forward skills. Project-Based learners will model through experimental project-based studies.

Through this method of learning, bright futures will be nurtured.

Nurture Their Future is a school-wide concept which will prepare students for an unpredictable, project-based world by having them learn through unpredictable, project-based simulations. This research proves that Project-Based Learning is transformational when preparing students for the future they will soon inherit.

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