We have adopted the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to meet the needs of diverse learners and increase college and career readiness.

Our curriculum is designed so that every child’s interests and passions can be catered for and recognized.

Our teachers will challenge your child’s thinking, developing their ability to critically question, scrutinize, investigate and problem solve across all subject areas.

We incorporate the best of international research on how young children develop and use this knowledge to underpin our approach to build upon children’s natural curiosity and desire to learn by doing. We believe that children’s educational and cultural needs are met when they receive sufficient individual support and attention.  Our environment aims to build on children’s natural curiosity and capacity to learn and develop their intellectual and social skills. Our environment is spacious, attractive, warm and inviting.  Resources provide active learning experiences and closeness to nature and the natural world, with activities and materials that reflect the reality of life.

It is our intention that children will:

Communicate their inner-feelings about what makes them happy

Articulate their talents, skills, ambitions and dreams

Develop a language to talk about their learning

Believe in cultural diversity and inter-cultural learning

Acknowledge the differences of others and learn from one and another

Participate in the school activities

Live in the moment everyday

Put forth their efforts in every activity and opportunity so their creativity, critical thinking and independent learning can be fostered.


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