AT VERNUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, We are determined to achieve the highest standards in everything that we do.

Vernus International School (VIS) is located in Dubai Silicon Oasis and offers an American Curriculum for children from Pre-K to Grade 5.

We have adopted an American Curriculum which is based on the California Common Core State Standards (CCSS), as well as international standards P21 and global awareness, to meet the needs of diverse learners and increase college and career readiness.

We believe in the holistic development of children and we are not just focused on academics. We find each individual child’s strengths and talents and we build on them to give them confidence to solve unfamiliar problems.

Heath Bailey,


I am filled with excitement and pride to be a member of the Vernus International School leadership team.

Our school is a wonderful addition to the Dubai Silicon Oasis community.

Vernus International School offers our students a specialized education program which will allow them to think like entrepreneurs and develop into future leaders.

As the Principal for Vernus International School, I promise to keep our children safe and strive for excellence in the teaching and learning environment. We will ensure every decision we make is student-centered and aligns with our vision and mission. Excellence is at the forefront of everything we do at Vernus International School.

We look forward to welcoming students, teachers and staff as we make Vernus International School a premium choice for a 21st Century Education.

Why VIS?

Vernus International School is specifically focused on Project-Based Learning.

Project-Based Learning or PBL, is the future educational system.

Our primary mission is to nurture your children’s talents, skills, ambitions and dreams.

At VIS, we offer a Multilingual Program which includes English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

At VIS your children will engage in fun and exciting lessons such as hydroponics, astronomy, music & dance, media & drama, IT, technology, science, and art.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an education that focuses on developing attitudes, skills and personal capabilities through engaging, enjoyable, hands-on practices and project-based activities.

Our commitment is to empower students today with the knowledge to succeed beyond the school environment.


Our vision is to provide students with essential life skills that prepares them for an uncertain future, more than traditional academic schooling would. We envisage becoming a platform where students acquire vital life skills. Vernus International School believes that today is the right moment for every parent to assist their children in developing vital life skills. Today defines whether these children will fulfil their ambitions and achieve their dreams or not. Today is the time to sow.


We promise our children and parents:

A well-rounded and holistic experience that fosters individual talents, interests, and skills

Openness, honesty and empathy

A community ethos that welcomes visitors and people from outside

An international outlook that values differences

Authentic learning that has connections to the real world.


Vernus International School is a community hub within the Dubai Silicon Oasis Community – we want people to see the school as a place to socialize, meet other people from the community and to host events and activities.

Our school will foster a spirit of lifelong learning and establish a community of productive citizens. We’re a school not only dedicated to delivering the best possible education to our children but becoming a valuable asset to our local community.