The national language of the UAE is Arabic, and Arabic is the language of the Middle East.

We know that children benefit from early exposure to language so even within our KG department, we will incorporate Arabic into the daily routines.

It is our aim to teach Arabic to the same standard as all other languages in the school and to achieve this, Arabic lessons will have connections to real life, and the curriculum will be integrated into our Project-Based Learning philosophy.

We will adopt the UAE Ministry of Education Arabic Curriculum and enrich this with our own ideas and resources.

In order to emphasize the importance of Arabic, we will host clubs, contests, and activities specifically for the Arabic Language.

Non-Arab Students will take at least 4 classes per week using inquiry based and hands-on activities to promote the love of the Arabic Language.

Within Arabic lessons, we will increase students’ confidence using the four language skills.

We aim to motivate students’ learning and the ability to use Arabic to think, learn, communicate and develop critical skills. Both native and non-native Arabic students will gain a level of proficiency in the mechanics of oral and written Arabic.

The Arabic program is presented in defined topic areas. These topics are divided into basic and higher levels for:

- Arabic Native Speakers
- Arabic Non-Native Speakers


At Vernus International School, we will follow the UAE Ministry of Education Islamic Studies curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

Islamic studies for Muslim students whether Arabs or non-Arabs will use the approved MOE books and resources.

Within Islamic studies, children will also adopt a range of approaches to learning that develop their learning skills alongside their knowledge of Islamic.

Within Islamic Studies, we will increase awareness of Islam as a religion for life and we will promote the achievements of Arab/Muslim scientists and highlight the Islamic values through the memorization of Suras and Hadith.