Our Elementary school

The core purpose of our elementary school is to empower our children with skills, attitudes, and knowledge that they will carry beyond school.

The quality of teaching is the most important factor that contributes to this.

We believe that in order to survive in an uncertain world, today’s children will need creativity, problem-solving skills, a passion for learning, a dedicated work ethic and lifelong learning opportunities. Students can develop these abilities through carefully chosen and applied teaching strategies, projects and enrichment activities.

Our children will face challenges throughout their lives and it is our responsibility to enable them to learn how to persevere and make appropriate decisions in a range of situations, developing into life-long learners, who can lead and take responsibility for others within their community.

Project-Based Learning will be embedded across the curriculum so that children demonstrate a wide variety of skills and dispositions.

Students will be encouraged to use their knowledge to solve unfamiliar problems and challenges that stretch their imagination.

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