Our Kindergarten school

Our kindergarten will be fun, playful, and friendly so that children feel safe and secure at all times. It’s really important that our little ones develop a sense of belonging and a sense of community, so our kindergarten will have regular parent-teacher meetings, and we’ll make sure that your child’s learning is communicated frequently.

Our children will start to learn about themselves and others through sensory activities, role play and outdoor learning. We want our little ones to ‘try it out’ and to gain confidence from their efforts. Sometimes the children will have free play because we want them to be ‘risk takers’ as this will help them in their transition to the elementary school where we expect them to be a bit more independent.

The learning within kindergarten will have language elements built into every activity. We do this so that every child develops their speaking and listening skills.

We want our children to be friendly and warm, so we take the time to remind the children to be kind and thankful to their peers and adults.

All of our kindergarten teachers are specialists within the early years, and they are committed to building on each individual child’s interests and strengths.

We know that sending your little one to the ‘big school’ is a daunting task for some but we want to reassure you that our kindergarten is a ‘school within a school’ and the safety and security of the children is our paramount concern.

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