Literacy Skills at VIS

Digitally literate – VIS children are able to critically use technology, to navigate through various online forums and devices, understanding how technology works, and being able to creatively and inventively manipulate technology to solve problems.

Expressive writers – More than just knowing how to read and write basic letters and sentences this means that VIS children can understand and communicate what they have read and that they can express themselves through writing.

Numerically Literate – VIS children have the ability to use basic math skills in everyday life and the ability to use numbers to solve problems through logic or manage finances.

Physically literate – VIS children can use their fine motor skills, balance, and move with confidence and enjoy physical movement.

Culturally literate – VIS children learn to understand the subtle nuances that come along with living or working in a particular society. It consists of understanding the language, methods, assumptions, and unstated ideas that make up a way to behave and communicate. Knowing your own cultural literacy makes you more empathetic and aware of others